It all started in 2014, before then we had regularly attended many festivals and probably just like most, we were only really accustomed to two man pop up tents. It was only until we had the pleasure of staying in a luxury tent with some friends of ours, we were both overwhelmed by the whole experience, from having our own private area with showers and clean toilets and having our own bed to ourself, we were completely blown away. It dawned on us, we couldn’t do it any other way now, there was no turning back to our two man pop up tents, we had made the switch and were converted.

Woodville Project was born!

From a friendship to a partnership. Drawing from our knowledge of the hospitality industry, and after some extensive research, we are delighted to have the chance to now pimp your festival experience.

Summer of 2018

We work very closely with festival organisers to achieve the highest possible standards. For this reason we only select a certain amount of events and bookings each year to maintain our standards.

Our Tents

5m Bell Tent

5m Lotus Belle Tent

6m Emperor Tent


We are delighted to be taking bookings for Woodville glamping events and festivals this 2017.

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